Our Technology

Delayed Release Tablet Technology – Patent Pending

Our technology is based on the collaborative work of our team with Temple School of Pharmacy and their Head of Current Good Manufacturing Practices, Dr. David Lebo.

The Delayed Release Tablet Technology is an innovative delivery mechanism which does not release active ingredients until 6 hours after ingestion – a remarkable scientific breakthrough for which a patent has been filed.

Our researchers found the solution to protecting from the highly chemical 6-8-hour intestinal journey in creating a process to link a seaweed product directly to the naturally sourced caffeine and guarana extracts – the combination of those two natural ingredients is at the core of amUPandGO.

The seaweed dissolves and starts releasing the caffeine in the presence of water after the tablet has travelled for 6-8 hours and is about to enter the colon.  Also, to protect against early dissolution, the core and its ingredients are coated with multiple alternating solutions layers.

That is how we created a delayed-release profile that allows for taking a tablet before going to bed, does not interfere with sleep, and ensures that 7-8 hours later, you will be waking up at the desired time, refreshed and energized.

The graph below shows the percentage of caffeine and guarana release after ingesting the tablet using an arbitrary intake time of 10pm. Notice the burst 7-8 hours after, and then the steady release before the caffeine is fully depleted.

To ensure a high-quality and dedicated manufacturing execution, we chose to partner with 4Excelsior because of their professional expertise, educational qualifications, amazing facilities and excellent track record. 

Here is a short video of the manufacturing facility located in Anaheim, CA.