Our Story

Ideas start with a problem…

One very common problem for many people, and surprisingly accepted as normal, is the inability to get up early, with immediately high levels of energy, focus and productivity.

For us, this was a problem too – the idea of an early-morning system-boot and brain-boost for our bodies just as we wake up certainly was appealing. How then could we achieve this?

We teamed up – a Sleep Medicine-trained physician, a Consumer Relations veteran, a Pharmacy Professor and a PhD student, to come up with a solution: creating an energy booster tablet with 7 to 8-hour release delay to allow for taking the tablet at bedtime, have uninterrupted sleep, and then release caffeine upon waking up.

The name of the product – amUPandGO – came naturally based on the idea behind it. Then we formed the company BioHealth Formulations as we envisioned amUPandGO was only the beginning of our dedicated efforts to providing solutions to real-life problems with high-quality, science-driven and tested, natural products.

Problem solved!